Tuesday, May 20, 2014

David you are killing me

David of Zeitgeist Theater, of whom I speak often, just finished his latest production.  I don't know how the man manages it all.  He no sooner finishes one play then he is holding auditions for another and then rehearsals etc, etc.  But manage he does!  His latest play Good Television was really spectacular.  It is a play about reality television (think tv show Intervention) but not really.  It goes behind the scenes of the show which is about meth and alcohol addiction.  It is a very powerful story where the bottom line for the producers of the show is 'ratings.'  The actors do a wonderful job of sounding authentically Southern and desperate trailer park residents.  The playwright, Rod McLachlan, is an actor who made his Off Broadway debut as a playwright with this play.  Kudos David!

The joy of giving

There is a very worthwhile organisation called Self Help Africa which had a fund raiser in Boston recently.   We were only too delighted to help them out in raising awareness and money for such a great cause.  And our contribution was twice blessed as one might say because the person who bought our Aisling Bed and Breakfast certificates donated them again for a similar function in NY.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Check out the ton of awesome stuff happening in our great city in May!!

What: American Craft Beer Festival

When: 30-31 May

Where: 200 Seaport Boulevard

More Info: Click Here!

What: Museum of Fine Arts Open House

When: 26 May

Where: 465 Huntington Ave

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Duckling Day Parade

When: 11 May @12:00pm

Where: Boston Commons and Public Garden

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Eddie Izzard Show

When: 8-9 May

Where: Wang Theatre

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Redsocks vs. Blue Jays

When: 20 & 21 May @7:10pm

Where: Fenway Park

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Mothers Day Cruises

When: 11-16 May

Where: Rowes Wharf

More Info: Click Here!   

What: Boston Theatre Marathon

When: 10 & 11 May @ 12pm

Where: 527 Tremont Street

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Street Performer Spring Showcase

When: 31 May

Where: Faneuil Hall Marketplace

More Info: Click Here!

What: EarthFest Free Concert

When: 17 May @11:30am

Where: Hatch Shell

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Free Jazz Concert

When: 12 May @12pm

Where: Hatch Shell

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Urban Scavenger Hunt

When: Daily

Where: All over Boston!

More Info: Click Here!