Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Larry J's BBQ is Legit

I was looking for ribs in downtown Boston and I was disappointed in the selection.  I ventured out into the Seaport and found Larry J's.  Despite the fact that all of the buildings in the area are new, they found a way to operate in a BBQ shack style.  At least in the winter, there are no seats, or cover, so make sure you have a place to go.  I got the St. Louis style ribs which are dry rubbed.  Delicious.  They have multiple sauces to suit your palate as well. Going back for sure, looks like a good gut-busting picnic opportunity come summer.

600 D St, South Boston, MA 02210 (617) 348-9800

I shall return!


Damon is an entrepreneur and a guest blogger for Aisling Bed and Breakfast.  Visit his blog FOREX Effects

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