Monday, April 21, 2014

Not just the Marathon in Boston

Suddenly it seems that everything is happening at once in Boston.  A long dreary winter suddenly ended: last week we had bitter cold and a sprinkling of snow, this week sunshine, magnolias in full blossom, and daffodils shooting up.  The Boston Film Festival is also here, though not widely publicised.  We went to see an excellent documentary by a friend of daughter number one and her husband. The film, called "Finding Vivian Maier", is the story of John Maloof who happened to buy a huge tranche of old photographic negatives which turned out to be the work of an aloof eccentric who is shown to be a superb photographer who never exhibited her work and who died as she had lived in the deepest obscurity.  There were many delicious touches, including a linguistics professor who recited his academic credentials before pronouncing her French accent false, though as it turned out her mother was from France and she had spent long periods there.  I was left with the thought that even in this era a person can leave copious documentation over a long life, and still remain a mystery.  The film is making the rounds of the festivals, and is well worth seeing if it comes to a festival near you

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Very well done, David

You have seen that we are great fans of Zeitgeist Theater and David Miller and now you may know what discerning theater goers we are!  The Independent Reviewers of New England awarded his latest production (The Normal Heart) the following:  Best Play: Best Director (for David): Best Supporting Actor and Best Projection Design.  What can I say David is one talented person.


Went to see the Heartbeat of Home last weekend.  It was the last show and it was chockerblock full.  It was lovely but very similar to Riverdance.  How can anyone top Riverdance?

Back in harness

We, James and I, spent the month of March in Toulouse, France visiting our youngest daughter.  We spent a very pleasant time with Barbara, Pierre Yves and our grand-daughter, Ella.  The weather could have been better but we still managed to have lunch out on the patio a few times.  I heard that it was snowing in Boston during our absence.  Barbara took me to a day at the spa to unkink all the knots acquired by holding the bebe.  It was terrific - we started with a hammam and then a massage

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hey everyone!  Some great stuff is happening this month and we want to be sure that you're in the know!  Check out these awesome events happening in Boston and sign up for whatever catches your fancy.  

What: Guild of Boston Artists Exhibition

When: 10 April @ 5pm

Where: 162 Newbury St.

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Wine Riot Boston 2014

When: 10 April @7pm

Where: The Park Plaza Castle

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Swiss Gaming Corner Reception

When: 10 April @6:30pm

Where: General Assembly

More Info: Click Here!

What: Paint the night red

When: 11 April @6:30pm

Where: Boston Center for Adult Education

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Drink craft beer springfest

When: 12 April @1pm

Where: Space 57 at the Revere Hotel

More Info: Click Here!

What: Easter Egg Hunt at Faneuil Hall

When: 19 April @10am

Where: Faneuil Hall Market Place

More Info: Click Here!  

What: Boston Marathon

When: 21 April @ 9am

Where: 26 mile, 385 yard course between Hopkinton and Boston

More Info: Click Here!  

What: 32nd run of the Charles

When: 27 April @10am

Where: Charles River

More Info: Click Here!  

What: International Film Festival 2014

When: Evenings 23-30 April

Where: AMC Loews Boston Commons

More Info: Click Here!

What: Boston Up Front

When: 30 April @6:30pm

Where: Space 57 Revere Hotel

More Info: Click Here!  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Larry J's BBQ is Legit

I was looking for ribs in downtown Boston and I was disappointed in the selection.  I ventured out into the Seaport and found Larry J's.  Despite the fact that all of the buildings in the area are new, they found a way to operate in a BBQ shack style.  At least in the winter, there are no seats, or cover, so make sure you have a place to go.  I got the St. Louis style ribs which are dry rubbed.  Delicious.  They have multiple sauces to suit your palate as well. Going back for sure, looks like a good gut-busting picnic opportunity come summer.

600 D St, South Boston, MA 02210 (617) 348-9800

I shall return!


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