Friday, November 29, 2013

Another new restaurant

We went to a new restaurant last week.  It is not exactly brand new but new enough.  It is called Cinquecento and it took over from Rocca's on Harrison Ave.  It is right in the midst of SOWA .  It is a lovely venu.  The ambiance is wonderful and the service couldn't be better.  Our waiter took the time to explain in great detail any of the dishes we didn't understand.  It is an Italian restaurant  but not your run of the mill Italian.  We loved it and got great food.  Definitely a keeper.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

He did it again

I really fail to understand how David Miller, Director of Zeitgeist Theater, can do it again and again.  But he does.  His latest production, Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, which we saw yesterday is the most heart wrenching and poignant play I have seen in many a long day.   David has produced a raw fast moving play.  I have never before seen people cry at a play and after the Normal Heart many many people were sniffling and dabbing their eyes.  David was able to get across the fear and frustration of the times.  One needs productions like this to waken us up from our complacency and Kudos to David Miller and his wonderful actors, sound men and set designers.  You pulled off a Masterpiece.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Learn something new

One learns something new everyday.  I discovered a new theatre recently.  Of course it is only new to me.  It is the Modern Theatre in downtown Boston and it is part of Suffolk University .  We went to see a one man play of the last words of Marie Antoinette.  It was performed by a very famous French actress.  And it was in French.  Thank goodness there were subtitles and even then I couldn't follow all of it.
Good to know of somewhere else to frequent.