Monday, July 9, 2012

American Independence Day

July 4 fell on a Wednesday this year prompting many people to take the whole week off as vacation.  We poor innkeepers had to work but not so much as to prevent us from enjoying ourselves at the many activities available in the area.  We kicked off the weekend on Friday with a dinner party in our home with a group of very old friends.  This was a great enjoyable success.   On Saturday we went to a Diana Krall concert in Cohassett.  Cohassett is about 30 minutes south of here.  The concert had the feel of an intimate gathering and Diana Krall outdid herself on the piano.  On Sunday we decided to give the restaurant Legal Harbourside a try.  This is a Legal Seafoods restaurant located close to the Institute for Contemporary Art and right on the water beside Fish Pier.  The view is unsurpassed and we were not disappointed with the food.  It was very busy and we couldn't get onto the roof deck where there is a raw bar.  We shall save that for later when the tourist season has dampened down a little.  After dinner we walked next door to the Bank of America Pavilion to hear Norah Jones sing.  She was terrific.  And after that we took ourselves home. 
By the time July 4, Wednesday, arrived we were quite exhausted but not too exhausted to have a bar-b-que with our kids and their and our friends on our roof deck.  Luckily the rain held off until  after the fireworks display on the Esplanade, which we were able to watch on the deck. 
Lets have more 4th of July holidays like this.


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