Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

What to give the man who has everything, after all he has me so what more can he want! 
James and I took a dander into town on Sunday.  What beautiful weather.  Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market were buzzing with families and singles just enjoying the many entertainers who were about in abundance.  The female mimes were truly amazing.   We saw the Armenian Genocide Memorial for the first time.  Really beautiful.  It has an intriguing maze around it and there were lots of kids having fun trying to follow it.  We continued on over the Rose Kennedy greenway.  This is a lovely spot to relax in the warm weather and we sat there for a while just watching the world go by.  Then onto the Harbourwalk (at least the North End part of it) which was just a wee bit chilly with a stiff breeze off the water.  There were plenty of sailing and motor boats to be seen and admired.  All the bars and outdoor dining areas were choker-block full and the air was full of the sounds of laughing and glasses tinkling.  We ended up in our favourite seafood restaurant Neptunes Oyster which is on Salem Street in the North End.  We were seated immediately.  The food as always was delicious.  I had the lobster roll which was full of great big chunks of fresh lobster.  James had the cioppino and by all accounts it too was superb.  Ever since James had that bouillabaisse in Albi, France he is obsessed with the fishy stews.  A glass of wine and then home by bus.  All in all a very nice Father's Day.