Sunday, January 1, 2012

Aura Restaurant

We usually have the benefit of the wonderful selection of restaurants in the South End, but chance intervened last week in the form of a Groupon for a restaurant in the Seaport area called Aura.  It turned out to be part of the Seaport Hotel and, again, it would not be somewhere we would think to go.  The ambiance was neutral to the point of being nondescript, but there was a most interesting menu and the wine list had an excellent selection of wines by the glass, very suitable for a party of two.  I had delicious sirloin roast with vegetables cooked perfectly and in exactly the right quantities.  Dympna had a seafood combination with cream of parsnip, a dish recognizably Italian in its provenance, which she also pronounced delicious.  The service was excellent.  The final word: super meal, venue lacked buzz, and expensive if you don't have a Groupon.


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